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The course deals with the workflow technology which represents the basic framework for the development of large scale business management systems.

Starting from abstract descriptions of business processes the course will examine modeling, design, analysis, development and verification methods of the processes.

Afterwards the course will study the management of implemented business processes using the workflow systems technology.

The organisation and architecture of workflow management systems will be examined under the emergence of recent trends in the research fields of service-oriented and cloud computing systems.


  • Business Processes (basic concepts, modeling)
  • Design, analysis, verification amd refinement methods
  • Workflow Systems (organisation and architecture)
  • Synchronization, control, communication and monitoring of process enactment
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Workflow Patterns
  • Workflow development tools and software
  • Service-Oriented computing
  • Web/e-Services
  • Applications
  • Cloud Computing


Course Enrollment: Everybody is obliged to send a plaintext message to majordomo@csd.uoc.gr with content: subscribe hy565-list at the start of the course's lectures to enroll in the list. This makes it easier for us to know how many of you are interested in the course (notes, program licenses, etc) and for you to receive probable clarifications on the (programming) exercises that are given after the lectures, answers to project questions you may have and announcements of lesson postponements/reassignments/cancelations.


Course Hours: Tuesday, Thursday 12.00-14.00, H.206

Office Hours: Tuesday 12.00-14.00, H.206 (after contacting TA)


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Date Lecture Lab Lecture/Tutorial Source Files
Thursday 17/02/2022 Introduction
PDF document
Tuesday 22/02/2022 BP Modeling
PDF document
Thursday 24/02/2022 WFMS Intro Modeling
PDF document
Tuesday 01/03/2022 Workflow Analysis
PDF document
Thursday 10/03/2022 Workflow Transactions
PDF document
Thursday 24/03/2022 Process Mining
PDF document
Tuesday 29/03/2022 Process Flexibility
PDF document
Tuesday 05/04/2022 BPMN
PDF document
Tuesday 05/04/2022 BPM-SOA
PDF document


  • Petri Nets

    Assignment1 PDF document PDF document
    CPN Tools Tutorial PDF document
  • Camunda

    Assignment2 PDF document PDF document PDF document
    Camunda Tutorial PDF document PDF document
  • Presentations

  • Results



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Chrysostomos Zeginis

zegchris AT ics.forth.gr

Nikolaos Fanourakis (TA)

nikosfanou AT csd.uoc.gr