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Teaching and student assessment methods
The lecturers encourage the participation of the students in the teaching process so that through questions, presentations and projects , the students have a continuous involvement in the course. Although it varies from course to course, in general, the teaching method involves a combination of some of the following:
  • Classroom teaching – lectures – presentations
  • Supporting material - books - papers
  • Tutorials - labs - project
  • Orientation towards research
  • Skill acquisition

Assessment is aligned with learning outcomes and teaching practices. The assessment is reliable, fair, and consistent. It is inclusive and gives the opportunity to all students (e.g. with learning difficulties) to be evaluated fairly. At the same time, it is clear and transparent. Students are aware of the evaluation process from the beginning of the semester so that they can take it into account from the beginning in their planning for the semester. Although it varies by course, assessment includes a combination of the following:
  • Final exam
  • Written exercises
  • Programming or other exercises
  • Oral presentation of work
  • Project