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Distinction DEPROFOIT
Teaching Assistantship for Undergraduate Students (DEPPROFOT)

By decision of the General Assembly of the Department of Computer Science (meeting 9-12-2014), following the recommendation of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies Committees of the Department, the possibility of assigning ancillary teaching work to undergraduate students under the name of "Teaching Assistantship for Undergraduate Students" - DEPPROFOT.

The participation of students in this activity will provide them with valuable teaching experience which they can mention in their CVs. Their participation in DEPROFORT will result in a standard Recommendation Letter for Undergraduate Teaching Assistance and a mention of the corresponding contribution in the Diploma Supplement accompanying the Degree.

Further information is contained in the decision of the General Assembly below. Applications for the winter semester are due by 15 September and for the spring semester by 15 January. An application form is attached