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Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics and Good Practice of the University of Crete is described here (the corresponding  Paper of the Government Gazette  is here )

Regarding copying/plagiarism, see the relevant excerpt from the "Regulations of the Department of Psychology" here.

Additionally, the policy on the use of ChatGPT and Generative AI Techniques in general, is the following:

  • If there is no clear statement from a course instructor, the use of or consultation with generative AI shall be treated analogously to assistance from another person. In particular, using generative AI tools to substantially complete an assignment or exam (e.g. by entering exam or assignment questions) is not permitted. Students should acknowledge the use of generative AI and default to disclosing such assistance when in doubt.

  • Individual course instructors are free to set their own policy regulating the use of generative AI tools in their courses, including allowing or disallowing some or all uses of such tools. Course instructors should set such policies in their course syllabi and clearly communicate such policies to students. Students who are unsure of policies regarding generative AI tools are encouraged to ask their instructors for clarification.