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Useful Instructions


Regulation for the use of computing facilities and network


The Department of Computer Science enables its members – instructors, students, and staff – to have access to its computing facilities for the furtherance of educational and research activity within the Department and across the University of Crete.

Authorized use is provided for:

  1. Students of the Department, upon their first registration. Explicit right to access is maintained until their graduation, and is automatically renewed each academic semester as of their registration renewal.
  2. Students from other Departments of the University of Crete who are attending a course offered by our Department, solely for the duration of the semester and exclusively for the purposes of the particular course.
  3. Affiliating partners with the Department, upon request of the supervising Department associate, and following the relevant endorsement by the Chair of the Department.

Any use that falls outside of the above mentioned definitions, requires prior approval by the authorized members of the Department.
All users are responsible for the proper maintenance of the hardware and software that is provided for. Each account is strictly personal. The user is held accountable for any activity that results from them, and which is incongruous to the purposes of the Department and the University of Crete.

IT users must not:
  • Access or attempt to access other accounts, services or systems
  • Use bulk e-mail
  • Unreasonably interfere with computing and networking resources
  • Violate copyright law
  • Explicitly or implicitly attempt speculative/commercial/advertising content or intentional tort
  • Expose sensitive data
  • Infringe upon domestic or international law

Users are required to abide by the guidelines provided by the administrative staff. These guidelines complement or refine the current acceptable use policy, as well as address particular needs and technical issues.
Failure to comply with these regulations may lead to immediate suspension of access to the resources. The Chair of the Department and the General Committee reserve the right to permanently suspend user accounts which place at risk the integrity of its network or services. 

November 2017