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Printing from laptop with Linux OS

In order to print from Ε wing labs with a Linux laptop you have to install CUPS (ready and packaged for most Linux flavours) and change the Server setting in the client.conf CUPS file (usually in the /etc/cups directory). The setting is 



Restart cupsd and add printers from the Administration (or Printers) Tab.


General info:

  1. Add new printer, choose Network printer (or Internet Protocol Printing or IPP). CUPS servername is (or -
  2. Choose Find Queue or continue adding printers.
  3. You can add the printers by their name:

laser108 (Ε108): ipp:// 
laser105 single page (Ε105): ipp://
laser105 double page (Ε105): ipp://


Models and URI: 
laser108 (Ε108): HP LaserJet 4200 / URI socket:// 
laser105 (Ε105): HP LaserJet4300n / URI socket://


At the URL you can browse the names of installed printers.