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Learning Outcomes of the Master's Program
The following are the expected learning outcomes of the Postgraduate Programme in Computer Science and Engineering:
  • Students will have acquired expertise (theoretical knowledge and specialized skills) in the areas of specialization offered by the Master's program through the attendance of the corresponding Master's courses and the completion of their Master's thesis.
  • Students will have learned how to conduct research, relevant ethical issues, how to make presentations, and will have gained an insight into all the research directions, and cutting-edge research, supported by the Department (through the compulsory course HY500 - Introduction to Research).
  • Students will have developed the skills and competencies necessary for conducting research: understanding and presenting scientific articles, writing a literature review, cultivating scientific judgment, formulating research hypotheses and testing their validity, writing the master's thesis, participating in the writing and presentation of scientific articles.
  • Students will also have cultivated their ability to work in teams through participation in collaborative research and development projects with industry or academia.
  • Students will have learnt to apply their knowledge to solving practical problems (through coursework and postgraduate work).
  • Students will have the opportunity to deepen the knowledge they have acquired in their undergraduate studies and develop their transferability through their participation as teaching assistants in the undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  • Students wishing to embark on doctoral studies will have been exposed to research environments and will have acquired skills and competencies for conducting research.