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The “Maria Michail Manasaki” Bequest Fellowships

The University of Crete awards every year 20 at most honorary “Maria Michail Manasaki” Bequest Fellowships. Typically 10 fellowships are awarded to the Faculty of Medicine and 10 to the Faculty of Sciences and Engineering. Fellowships are annual and consist of a 5,000.00 Euro award. Fellowships are awarded at the end of each academic year, typically in July. The Department of Computer Science awards with its Manasaki Fellowships one to two exceptional postgraduate students.




In the Department of Computer Science, eligible applicants must be enrolled to the Master's or Ph.D. program and must:

(1)  have successfully completed the Ph.D. Qualification Exams (PhD candidates);

(2)  have achieved a GPA of at least “Very Good” in their undergraduate degree;

(3)  be of Greek nationality; and

(4)  not have exceeded the 36th year of age by the application deadline.


Application deadline

The Manasaki fellowships are announced each year, at the beginning of the academic year, typically in September, in the daily press and on the web page of the Department. Applicants need to apply to the Department of Computer Science within 30 days from the announcement.




Applications are submitted to the Graduate Office of the Department and must include:

  1. A completed application form as it appears in the related announcement;
  2. Extended curriculum vitae of the applicant;
  3. Progress report of their studies, signed by the thesis advisor;
  4. A signed declaration of law N.1599/86;
  5. Copy of the undergraduate degree (with GPA of at least “Very Good”);
  6. Certified copy of the ID card or Passport (showing nationality and age).

The Graduate Office will automatically acquire a Police Clearance Certificate from the corresponding authorities.




For further information please contact:

c/o Ms. Evangelia Kosma

Office of Graduate Studies

Department of Computer Science

University of Crete

Voutes Campus,

Heraklion, Crete, GR-70013, GREECE

Tel: +302810393592



Application evaluation


In the Department of Computer Science, applications are thoroughly examined by the Committee of Graduate Studies, aiming at rewarding excellence and identifying the potential of each applicant in their respective area of research. The Committee recommends to the Departmental General Assembly the strongest applications and the Assembly awards the fellowships.


Past Fellows


2022-23 Pavlidakis, Emmanouil
2021-22 Bacharidis, Konstantinos
2020-21 Qammaz, Ammar
2019-20 Papaioannou, Antonios
2018-19 Mountantonakis, Mihail
Papagiannis, Anastasios
2017-18 Papoutsakis, Constantinos
2016-17 Papadopoulos, Panagiotis
2015-16 Pavlidi, Despoina
2014-15 Alexandridis, Anastasios
2013-14 Koutsogiannaki, Maria
2012-13 Vasiliadis, Georgios


Oikonomidis, Iasonas


Hourdakis, Emmanouil


Pasas, Giorgos


Patkos, Theodoros


Athanasopoulos, Elias


Polychronakis, Michalis


Antonatos, Spyros


Bikakis, Antonis


Tzagkarakis, Giorgos


Flouris, Giorgos


Panagiotakis, Costas


Agiomyrianakis, Yannis