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Email filtering - redirection
Use this page to create centralized filters and folders that will be recognized by all email clients or redirect your email elsewhere.

Log in with your username (without and your password.

- Redirection(forward)

Redirection to a single user (single forwarding) is done using the option "Forward", left vertical menu.

Redirection to multiple users needs a list of full email addresses one below the other, no comma in between.

- Filtering

- Rule Name: not compulsory. You can use a description (e.g. mail from ugrads)

- For an incoming message that matches: choose one condition (ALL), many (ALL) or either/or (ΑΝΥ), then the field to filter (Select a field).

- Do this: To file emails into folders, choose Deliver to folder and an already existing folder, or Create new folder for a new one. Folder will be create automatically.

- Mark message as: the default to leave checked "Stop checking if this rule matches?".

At the end, choose Save and enable.