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Course/teacher evaluation process of the PMS by the students
Before the end of each academic semester, the postgraduate students of the Department evaluate the courses and lecturers through the information system of the Quality Assurance Unit ( of the University of Crete. Students are informed electronically of the dates and times of the course evaluation, which takes place in the classrooms in the absence of the lecturer, and students are asked to complete the relevant questionnaire for each course electronically via their mobile phones with a unique password (the questionnaire is included in the Department's application file for certification). The results are taken into account by the Department's Postgraduate Studies Committee, the Department's Internal Evaluation Team (IEG) and the Quality Assurance Unit.

Evaluation results of the 2023-24 spring semester

Evaluation results of the 2023-24 fall semester

Evaluation results of the 2022-23 spring semester

Evaluation results of the 2022-23 fall semester

Results of statistical processing of all questionnaires per question for two academic semesters.


Academic year 2022-23

Postgraduate - Course Evaluation 2022-23
Questions Average number of answers from all courses
Α. The course  
A1. The organisation of the course (keeping the timetable, substitutions, timely communication of the examination system, information about the course outline, planning of mid-term examinations, planning of parallel educational activities, information through announcements) was satisfactory? 4.44
A2. The recommended textbooks, bibliography and other educational material used (notes, copies of presentation slides, articles, videos) adequately covered the course content and were sufficient for the completion of the assigned exercises and assignments. 4.21
A3. The use of a website or educational platform (e-learn, e-class, etc.) to post educational material was useful and helped me in my understanding of the course and my study. 4.21
A4. The course helped me to broaden my knowledge and develop my skills and abilities. 4.31
Β. The teacher  
B1. He/she was well prepared and able to clearly explain and analyse the concepts of the course during the weekly lectures and parallel learning activities. 4.73
B2. He was able to answer comprehensibly the questions asked during the lectures. 4.79
B3. He/she was available and cooperative to guide me during office hours (face-to-face or remotely). 4.58
B4. Encouraged questions and comments from students and generally promoted dialogue during the lesson. 4.66
B5. It managed to stimulate my interest in the scientific field of the course 4.22
B6. Link the lesson to current research in the relevant scientific field. 4.45
B7. The distribution of the course material in the weekly lectures and in the parallel educational activities (e.g. tutorials, workshops) was satisfactory. 4.24
B8. The learning objectives of the course, as recorded in the course outline, were achieved. 4.42