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Graduate Degree (M.Sc) in Computer Science and Engineering
The Computer Science Department Graduate Programme will continue its operation in a hybrid fashion combining online coursework and local attendance, while respecting all health guidelines.

Our Graduate Programme in Computer Science and Engineering awards the Degree of Master of Science, and is organized around these areas:
  • (Α) Microarchitecture
  • (B) Computer Networks and Telecommunications
  • (Γ) Parallel and Distributed Systems
  • (Δ) Information Systems and Human-Computer Interaction
  • (Ε) Computer and Cognitive Vision and Robotics
  • (Ζ) Algorithms and Systems Analysis
  • (Η) Biomedical Informatics and Technology
  • (Θ) Multimedia Technologies

Information for Prospective Students
During graduate studies, students focus on one or two of these areas of Computer Science and Engineering.
The objective of the Programme is for students to be able to make significant contributions to industrial research and product development at the end of their studies.

Our Graduate Programme thrives due to the continuous collaboration between our Department and the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH), the largest government research organization in Greece.
Within this collaboration and in an excellent environment for research and graduate education, our Graduate Students have access to cutting-edge research activities, funding resources, and international collaborations in academia and industry. 

Our Graduate Programme currently operates without tuition, while most of our Graduate Students are additionally funded through fellowships granted by the University, FORTH, and other sources.

How to apply
Rules and regulations
  • A detailed description of the structure of this graduate program: (in greek)

Legal issues
  • Greek law on the formation of this Graduate Program and Degree: (in greek)
  • Greek law on the regulations of this Graduate Program: (in greek)

M.Sc. Thesis Report