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Work Experience
Undergraduate students in the Computer Science Department may spend one work-term, between 3 and 6 months, full-time or almost full-time, in a Greek or foreign company or organization, either public or private, for the purpose of acquiring work experience in areas related to computer science and its applications. The work is carried out under the supervision of a Department faculty member or visiting professor and a member of the cooperating organization. This working period counts toward the student's graduation requirements as an elective course.

The course code associated with this work-term is designated as CS-499-3 for a 3-month period (6 CC), CS-499-4 for 4 months (8 CC), CS-499-5 for 5 months (9 CC) and CS-499-6 for 6 months (10 CC). The weighting coefficient applied in the GPA calculation is 2.0.

In order for a student to begin a work-term, he/she must have already successfully completed at least 65 course credits in core courses and the supervising professor must consent that the student has the required experience. For students who have registered and are doing a work-term, the upper limit for course credits per semester is 26, including the work-term itself. For work-terms commencing after May 31 and ending before October 1 there is no limit on the number of course credits taken by the student. The summer registration period insures that students can register for the purpose of taking a work-term during the summer months.