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STEER: Student Peer Mentor
The Department has recently established the institution of the fellow student-mentor. Fellow student mentors are third/fourth year or graduate students who volunteer to answer questions from first-year students about the processes taking place in the Department.

The Department invites third- and fourth-year students and graduate students from the Department who wish to apply to become fellow student mentors of first-year students. The term of the fellow student-mentor is one academic year and may be extended for one additional year. At the end of their term, fellow student-mentors receive an official certificate from the department regarding their participation in the activity.

If you would like to register and become a fellow student-mentor, please send a message from the email address you maintain with the Department to to which you will attach the following by Feb. 28:
  • A text (in .txt, .odt, .doc/.docx or other easily editable format) answering the following questions:
1. Why do you want to become a fellow student-mentor?
2. What personal and professional skills and qualifications do you believe will contribute to your relationship with the students you will mentor?
3. In which cases of first-year students do you think your advising will add value (e.g., graduating seniors, students whose admission to the department was not one of their first choices, etc.)?
4. Please list the biggest challenge you have faced in the transition from high school to university and how you could help first year students in the Department to overcome this challenge.
5. Please briefly describe any mentoring experience you have had.
  •     Curriculum Vitae
  •     Copy of grades