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Academic Advisor
During the first semester, the Department appoints an academic advisor for each student to whom you can turn for advice and guidance on any issue related to your studies.

The Academic Advisor offers students in the Department information and assistance to help them better organise their studies.

Academic Advisors are faculty members of the Department who, through discussion, can assist the student in academic matters such as choosing courses or majors, managing problems with the curriculum, and clarifying questions that may exist in relation to the procedures established by the Department in order to better organize and successfully complete the student's studies.

You should have a first meeting with him at the beginning of the semester after which he will sign the course declaration for the first semester. The meetings are held face-to-face according to a schedule announced on the Department's website.

It is very important for you to make use of this institution provided by the Department. It will help you a lot in organizing your studies and in solving any issue you are facing.