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Courses Recognition
Recognition of Courses of other A.E.I.
Courses that a student has successfully completed at another University, in Greece or abroad, or during his/her previous studies at another Department of the University of Crete, may be recognized for the purpose of satisfying the graduation requirements of the Department, under certain conditions. These recognitions include 1) courses and assignments within the framework of student exchanges, such as those funded by the "Socrates/Erasmus" programmes of the European Union and 2) courses that the student had successfully completed before coming to the Department by transfer, qualifying examinations, etc.

The student applying for recognition of courses must submit a request to the Department's Secretariat:
  •  The application form (form in .docx, form in .pdf), fully completed.
  •  The student's official detailed grade report from the University of origin, indicating the date of first enrolment, the courses (and workshops or assignments) successfully completed and for each of them: the type (compulsory, elective, etc.), the Credit Units (ECTS or official equivalent), the semester in which the student successfully completed it and the grade in it.
  • Links to the official website of the home university with the study guide and the website of the course in the academic semester in which the student successfully passed the course at the home university. Alternatively, other official documents from the home University describing: the syllabus, the description of the exercises/assignments, the examination and grading methods and the total expected workload with teaching and laboratory hours.
  • Contact details of the Departmental Secretariat at the University of origin and (if possible) of the lecturer who taught the course for which the student is applying for recognition.

These applications are examined by the Department's Course Recognition Committee, which is composed of faculty members, with the help of lecturers of the relevant courses and are validated by the General Assembly. The Committee shall ensure that the grade and credit units are assigned to the Departmental scale. The Committee reserves the possibility of changing the prerequisite courses and the time experience that may be required for credit for the course/lab/work listed in the student's application. The committee, or a member of the committee, or the instructors of relevant courses in the PC may interview the student concerned in order to ascertain more accurately issues relevant to the recognition.
Each student may receive credit for courses with a maximum of two (2) applications, which must be submitted within a maximum of two (2) consecutive semesters from the first date of registration. For this reason, the student should prepare his/her application carefully after reviewing the course descriptions provided on the Department's website.