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Remote connection to csd Unix machines via gate1/gate2

This way of accessing csd hosts will soon be replaced with the VPN access process, described here and already available.

ssh connection
Two steps are necessary to connect to a csd Debian host: 

1. ssh/putty connection to or 

Warning: If the system (usually Linux/Mac) answers
"Unable to negotiate with 147.52.16.ΧΧΧ port 22: no matching host key type found. Their offer: ssh-dss"
add the ssh command parameters
 "-o HostKeyAlgorithms=+ssh-dss -o PubKeyAcceptedKeyTypes=+dsa"

e.g.  ssh -o HostKeyAlgorithms=+ssh-dss -o PubKeyAcceptedKeyTypes=+dsa

2. from the gate1/gate2, connect with ssh to the csd hosts. The uphosts command shows a list of available hosts.

secure copy - secure ftp 
To use secure ftp or secure copy, create an ssh tunnel between gate1/gate2 and a csd host.



1. ssh/putty connection to or


2. enable   to create the tunnel. Type your password, and the command will return the data needed for the Linux and Windows OSs. 


3.1 - Windows: Open the WinSCP program (see below, Notes) and insert the data from the output of the enable command, then your login/password. Your home directory will be available, as any other directory/filesystem available to the host (e.g. /net//spare).

To use pscp/psftp commands are: 
 - pscp: pscp -P 
 - psftp: psftp -P

3.2 - Linux: Syntax may vary according to the distro.


3.3 You can also use any graphic ftp client supporting secure connections and alternative ports (e.g. fireftp, filezilla, gftp, fish στο konqueror, krusader).

- The connection to the host closes after logout or after 15' inactivity. Using an ssh tunnel users can disconnect temporarily and reconnect during the 15 minutes it lasts, without creating a new tunnel for the same host.  
- One  (of many) available sftp/scp client for Windows is WinSCP.