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HY-559 Infrastructure Technologies for Large-Scale Service-Oriented Systems

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Course Staff

Name Email Office Hours
Instructor: Kostas Magoutis hy559@csd By appt./H-311
Teaching Assistant: Alexandros Angourakis hy559@csd By appt.

General Information

The course meets Mon/Wed at 6pm in A.121. See schedule for exact dates.


29.09.2023 10:00: A short description of your project is due by Monday 6/11, see Projects HOWTO

26.09.2023 10:00: You are welcome to go over the list of proposed papers for your presentations. Your selections of two papers per student are due by Monday 2/10.

26.09.2023 10:00: Please sign up for the course's mailing list by sending email to with body subscribe hy559-list

6.09.2023 10:00: You are welcome to get in touch with the instructor to discuss course-related issues.

6.09.2023 10:00: We will be using the AWS Academy cloud platform for course assignments, you may find our course page here.

Course Description

The explosive growth of e-services in recent years has created the need to design, implement, and manage infrastructures that support large-scale service-oriented systems. The course offers an introduction to the scalable infrastructure technologies designed to support large-scale e-services. In the course we will examine existing design techniques and research problems in the design and implementation of these systems as well as their possible solutions.

The course focuses on large-scale service-oriented systems and their architectures (Web services, service-oriented architectures, service mashups, etc.); design principles for scalable high performance; management of infrastructural service-level agreements (SLAs); information lifecycle management; configuration and change management databases and ITIL processes; design optimization to meet application requirements; the role of the human factor in service engagements; service delivery models; and several case studies (Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Facebook).

This course is targeted for graduate students and advanced undergraduates and requires the undertaking of a research project. The topics of the research projects will be chosen with the help and guidance of the course staff. Other requirements include review and presentation of two research papers.




The final grade depends on class participation, presentation of two research papers, and a research project.


There are a number of paper readings that are available online. You are expected to read the papers before the beginning of each class.

There is no required textbook for this class. The following textbooks, however, are recommended readings:


Date Notes Readings
Mon 25/9 Course overview Lecture notes
Wed 27/9 Coordination services 1 Lecture notes, Lamport: Paxos made simple
Mon 2/10 Coordination services 2 Lecture notes
Wed 4/10 Coordination services 3 Lecture notes, Hunt: ZooKeeper: Wait-free coordination for Internet-scale systems
Mon 9/10 Coordination services 4 -
Wed 11/10 Scalable load balancing 1 Lecture notes, Elson: Handling flash crowds from your garage
Mon 16/10 Scalable load balancing 2 -
Wed 18/10 Serving the social graph 1 Lecture slides, Bronson: Facebook's distributed data store for the social graph
Mon 23/10 Tutorial on AWS Academy Learner Lab (TA) -
Wed 25/10 Instructor out of town, no class -
Mon 30/10 Serving the social graph 2 Lecture slides
Wed 1/11 Microservices platforms 1 Lecture slides, Kakivaya: Service Fabric: a distributed platform for building microservices in the cloud
Mon 6/11 Presentations I Presenters: 1269, 1346, 1291 (Note: Project descriptions due today)
Wed 8/11 Presentations I Presenters: 1302, 1313, 1315
Mon 13/11 Presentations I Presenters: 1322, 1334, 1335
Wed 15/11 Presentations I Presenters: 1341, 1342, 1343
Mon 20/11 Presentations I Presenters: 1344, 1289, 1347
Wed 22/11 Presentations I Presenters: 1348, 1355, 4137
Mon 27/11 Q&A on AWS Academy deployments (TA) -
Wed 29/11 Instructor out of town, no class -
Mon 4/12 Presentations II Presenters: 1269, 1346, 1302
Wed 6/12 Presentations II Presenters: 1315, 1322, 1334
Mon 11/12 Presentations II Presenters: 1335, 1341, 1342
Wed 13/12 Instructor out of town - no class -
Mon 18/12 Presentations II Presenters: 1343, 1344, 1289
Tue 19/12 (Makeup) Scalable causal consistency Lecture slides, Lloyd: Don't Settle for Eventual Consistency
Wed 20/12 Presentations II Presenters: 1347, 1348, 1355, 4137

Projects HOWTO

Please note the following project guidelines:

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