Research Projects

SoCoLA (2018-2022)

Towards Socio-Cognitive Logic-based Agents: A novel AI-enabled infrastructure for intelligent agents, enabled with cognitive and social skills.

DebateLab (2020-2022)

DebateLab intends to pioneer research towards developing the theoretical machinery that can be used across diverse domains for representing, mining and reasoning with online arguments, and simultaneously develop and deliver software solutions (tools and services) supporting the uptake and initial exploitation of the related technologies.

Message in a Bottle (2020-2023)

The Message in a Bottle (MiB) project is a system for providing specialized traceability information at the bottle level. This is an application, which will give a new "form" to the wines produced by the Lyraraki winery - GEA SA, providing the possibility of interaction of the final consumer with the bottle.

CAP-A (2019-2020)

A community-driven approach to privacy awareness: CAP-A will deploy a socio-technical solution based on collective awareness and informed consent, where by data collection and use by digital products are driven by the expectations and needs of the consumers themselves, through a collaborative participatory process and the configuration of collective privacy norms.

VRE4EIC (2015-2018)

A Europe-wide interoperable Virtual Research Environment to Empower multidisciplinary research communities and accelerate Innovation and Collaboration.