CS-458: Introduction to Cryptography (Fall 2023)


This course provides an introduction to cryptography and the main types of primitives utilised in technical security mechanisms and security protocols embedded in widely used applications (web, messaging, data storage, data communications, etc.). It covers classical cryptosystems, private-key cryptosystems (including DES, 3DES and AES), public-key cryptosystems (including RSA, Diffie Hellman, DSA and ECC) and hashing (including SHA-1/2/3). The course discusses application security requirements and how these can be matched to cryptographic primitive security properties. The course introduces the main principles for the correct application of cryptographic techniques and elaborates on generic and specific attacks targeting cryptographic failures (e.g., wrongly implemented, or misconfigured applications). Finally, the course introduces post-quantum algorithms and quantum key distribution.

Learning Objectives


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Instructor: Dr. Harry Manifavas

Lectures: Mon, Fri 12:15 - 14:00

Lectures/Lab: 12:15 - 14:00 (You will be notified via email)

Location: A.125

Course Area: Software Systems and Applications (E5)

Course Credits: 6 ECTS



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Instructor: Dr. Harry Manifavas harryman [at] ics.forth.gr TBA TBA
Teaching Assistant: Boumakis Nikos csd4346 [at] csd.uoc.gr B210 TBA
Teaching Assistant: Kalochristianakis Dionisis dionkal [at] csd.uoc.gr B210 TBA
Teaching Assistant: Arakas Ioannis arakas [at] csd.uoc.gr B210 TBA

Course staff

Instr. Dr. Harry Manifavas (harryman)

T.A. Basha Skerdi (sbash)

T.A. Kalochristianakis Dionisis (dionkal)