The aim of the course is to make students aware of the security problems of information systems and networks, their mechanisms and technologies of protection, and to understand the parameters that make these protection mechanisms effective in modern systems. Firstly, the basic principles of cryptography are presented, then a number of important applications and practical techniques, and finally cryptographic policy and security management. The lesson includes both theory and hands-on sessions.

Some of the topics we will cover in class:

  • Cryptographic Algorithms & Tools
  • User Authentication
  • Access Control
  • Network Basics & Database Security
  • Malicious Software
  • Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Firewalls
  • Buffer Overflow
  • Software Vulnerabilities
  • Operating System Security
  • Internet Security Protocols


The final grade is calculated as follows:

  • 30% Programming Assignments (1:10%, 2:20%, 3:10% (bonus) - stands for both 2nd and 3rd exam)

  • 70% Final Exam All exams are given with closed books. During exams you are not allowed to use any kind of notes, books, and communication devices (i.e., mobile phones, tablets, laptops).

10K students
InstructorProf. Evangelos P. Markatos
Instructor's Office Hours Monday 14:00-14:30, K323
TA's Office Hours14:00-16:00, B208-B210-B212
Dates: 1/3, 5/3, 8/3, 12/3, 15/3, 19/3, 22/3, 26/3, 29/3, 2/4
Course credits6 ECTS
CS345 (Optional, but highly recommended)
CS335 (Optional, but highly recommended)
BookComputer Security - Principles and Practice (3nd Edition)
by William Stallings and Lawrie Brown

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Teaching Assistants

Deyannis Dimitris deyannis [at]
Diamantaris Michalis diamant [at]
Pachilakis Michalis mipach [at]
Papadogiannaki Eua papadogian [at]
Shevtsov Alexandros shevtsov [at]
Papadopoulos Panagiotis-Elias ppapadop [at]
Christou Giorgos christou [at]


4/2Introduction - Chapter 1
11/2Chapter 1
13/2Chapter 1
15/2Chapter 2
18/2Chapter 2
20/2Chapter 3
25/2Chapter 3
27/2Laboratory - Assignment 1 - Deadline: 13/3
4/3Chapter 5
6/3Recitation (Chapters 1-3)
11/3Green Monday
13/3Laboratory - Assignment 2 - Deadline: 3/4
18/3Chapter 6
20/3Chapter 6
22/3Chapter 7
25/3National holiday
27/3Chapter 7
3/4Chapter 8
5/4Chapter 9
8/4Chapter 10
10/4Recitation (Chapters 5-6)
12/4Chapter 10
17/4Chapter 11
19/4Chapter 11
22/4-5/5Easter Holiday
6/5Chapter 12 - Hyper-threading vulnerabilities (Siskos)
8/5Recitation (Chapters 7-11)
13/5Capture the flag

Slides for the book chapters here


Assignment 1 Server-Client Key Exchange Due : 13/03
Assignment 2 Access Control Logging Tool Due : 03/04
Bonus (CTF) CTF457 Challenge (Optional) When : 13/05