CS-345: Operating Systems


Description of operating system procedures and their implementation: multiprogramming, process communication (synchronization, semaphores), context switching, process scheduling, system calls, interrupt handlers, deadlock, device independent I/O, device drivers, disk scheduling, memory management, virtual memory, paging algorithms, file systems, distributed operating systems. Laboratory exercises in modifying and augmenting a simple operating system.

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Instructor: Prof. Evangelos Markatos


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Papadogiannakis Emmanouil papamano@csd.uoc.gr
Tamiolakis Michail csdp1286@csd.uoc.gr
Arakas Ioannis csdp1235@csd.uoc.gr
Tripidakis Orestis csd4235@csd.uoc.gr
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Teaching Assistants

Papadogiannakis Manos (papamano)

Tamiolakis Michail (csdp1286)

Arakas Ioannis (csdp1235)

Tripidakis Orestis (csd4235)

Pachilakis Michalis (mipach)


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