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Georgios Tziritas

Left Ventricle Segmentation based on Connectivity and Convexity Principles

Results obtained on the LVQuan/MICCAI 2018 Test dataset

Unsupervised Classification for Building and Road Detection in Peri-urban Areas of High-resolution Satellite Images

Results in WP5 Unupervised Buildings and Roads Detection

Cardiac segmentation in MRI using MRF model optimization, substructures tracking and B-spline smoothing

Results obtained on the ACDC/MICCAI 2017 training dataset

Interactive Image Segmentation

Image Segmentation based on Tree Equipartition, Bayesian Flooding and Region Merging

Image completion using global optimization

An exemplar-based framework is used for image completion, texture synthesis and image inpainting. The tasks are posed in the form of a discrete global optimization problem. The objective function of this problem is always well-defined and corresponds to the energy of a discrete MRF. For efficiently optimizing this MRF, a novel optimization scheme, called Priority-BP, is used. For more information, you can download the corresponding papers at CVPR 2006 and Trans. on Image Processing.

Morphable 3D-mosaics

Bayesian Level Sets for image segmentation

For further information you can download the corresponding publication.

Automatic/semi-automatic 3-D layering

The demonstrations given below illustrate video segmentation of a scene in foreground and background areas. The foreground could be composed of several objects, and the background could be further segmented in regions of different depth.