Long title: VISION Advanced Infrastructure for Research
Funding: EU, FP7
Type: Infrastructures
Contract number: CP-CSA-Infra 262044
Period: February 2011 - January 2015

VISIONAIR calls for the creation of a European infrastructure for high level visualisation facilities and resources that will be open to research communities across Europe and around the world. Both physical access and virtual services will be provided by the infrastructure.

Personal contribution to the project

I was a R&D independent contractor working with the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Information Technology, branch of Genova (IMATI-Ge), Italian National Council of Research (CNR).

Research and development activities:

Re-design and implementation in Java/JSP of the AIM@SHAPE Digital Shape Workbench (DSWv5) i.e. the Visualization Virtual Services and integration with the VISIONAIR E-Map.


. The pipeline from CAD to virtual reality in VISIONAIR project. In Proc. of 44 Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Informatik (INFORMATIK 2014: Big Data - Komplexitat meistern), 2014.

PDF Project

. The VISIONAIR Infrastructure capabilities to support research. In Computer-Aided Design and Applications, DOI:10.3722/cadaps.2013.851-862, 2013.

PDF Project

. DSW5 Architectural Design & Implementation. Technical Report, CNR-IMATI-GE, 2012.