Long title: Educational Network Infrastructure for Dissemination of Real-Time AV/Data in Technical Education
Funding: EU, Minerva-Socrates
Contract number: 117310-CP-1-2004-1-GR-MINERVA-M
Period: October 2004 - October 2006
Web site: AVDMERGE

The project aimed at the development of new pedagogical frameworks, a knowledge base of organized expert and collective end user knowledge on best practices, technical advice, and didactical methodologies, and e-Learning programs targeting teaching staff on the effective integration of Audio-Video and Data (AVD) communication in the teaching process.

Personal contribution to the project

I was a Research Associate working with the University of Thessaly, Telematics Network Center.

Design and implementation of an ontology-based knowledge management system for audiovisual content.


. System design aspects of an independent European AVD-Knowledge base. In Proc. of 4th European Conference on e-Learning (ECEL’05), 2005.

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