Long title: An advanced lightweight architecture for accessing scientific collections
Funding: EU, FP5
Type: STREP - Specific Targeted Research Project
Contract number: FP5-IST-2000-25289
Period: January 2001 - February 2004
Web site: ARION

ARION is aiming to provide a new generation of Digital Library (DL) services for the searching and retrieval of digital scientific collections that reside within research and consultancy organizations. ARION advances the findings of previous studies in this area and consolidates the work of international interoperability standard development to provide a system that is complementary to established scientific practices in these organizations. ARION will be a federated open system and will be developed in association with national data providers, scientific researchers and SMEs.

The key feature of ARION is to enable the dynamic production of scientific information, which is unprecedented in a Digital Library context. Unlike traditional DL objects, scientific objects are complicated candidates for re-use unless precise information is stored within the DL about their use.

The objective of a DL of scientific collections focuses on a threefold effort:

  1. Develop a conceptual evolution of Digital Libraries of scientific collections
  2. Develop new techniques and methods necessary for data interoperability and DL-operation
  3. Ensure adoption and future exploitation of the ARION research results

Personal contribution to the project

I was a Research Associate working with the Institute of Computer Science, Foundation for Research & Technology Hellas (ICS-FORTH), Greece.

Responsible for the design and implementation of an open federated distributed system, that aimed to provide a new generation of on-line web services for the search and retrieval of digital scientific collections, and the on-demand execution of scientific computational workflows using a mobile agent platform.


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