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Online and offline (data) privacy_Seminar Series:CyberSecurity in Spring: The Spring of CyberSecurity
Online and offline (data) privacy

by Spiros Antonatos, Lead Engineer at Aegis Technologies, Singapore

March 1st, 2021 16:00

Host: Evangelos Markatos, Computer Science Department, University of Crete

We live in an era where almost everyone speaks about privacy or at least is aware of. The latest developments in GDPR and CCPA have raised the awareness of netizens and have sparked interesting discussions. But what does it really mean privacy? What are the elements that constitute our profile and how we can protect ourselves from revealing too much? In this presentation we will scratch the surface of what means online privacy and what constitutes data privacy (offline or on-the-fly anonymisation). We will give a walkthrough of the technologies involved and hopefully de-mystify some of the hypes around privacy.

Short Biography
Spiros Antonatos is currently a lead engineer at Aegis Technologies, a Singapore-based cybersecurity company. His role includes the research and development of high-scale threat intelligence products. Prior to that, he was a research manager at Tenable and before that he was a research scientist and manager at IBM Research – Dublin where he worked on security and privacy at scale. He was the Principal Investigator for intellectual property deals with external customers as well as internal joint programs, mostly in the healthcare and financial space. During his IBM tenure he authored 4 conference papers and 12 patents, was awarded an invention plateau for authoring 12 patents and received multiple achievements for his contributions to Watson Health and Truata (the first company worldwide to act as a GDPR data trust ). During his 8-year experience at the Institute of Computer Science, Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas(FORTH), he has authored and co-authored 24 conference papers and 4 journal papers regarding Web security, privacy and anonymization issues and network monitoring. He has received his PhD from Computer Science Department, University of Crete.