CS-534: Packet Switch Architecture
Spring 2004
Department of Computer Science
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2.4   High-Throughput Memories for Time-Switching Shared Buffers

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We saw in section 2.1.4 that the concept of Time Switching applied to packet switching calls for a high-throughput Shared Buffer memory into which all incoming traffic is multiplexed, and out of which all outgoing links are demultiplexed. To achieve the highest possible throughput, after exhausting the high clock frequency limits, we turn to very wide memories --as wide as packet (or cell, or segment) size allows (see exercise set 3). When multiplexing and demultiplexing the I/O links to/from the very wide memory bus, the wide-datapath techniques of section 1.3.1 have to be used. The result is reviewed in section 2.4.1; then, section 2.4.2 presents an optimized version of this wide memory, called Pipelined Memory.

2.4.1   Wide-Memory Implementation:

Time-Multiplexing the Switch Ports on a Wide Memory Port

Wide Memory

2.4.2   Pipelined-Memory Implementation:

Pipelined Memory

  • Animated illustration of the Pipelined Memory operation: click here.

    Control of the Pipelined Memory

    VLSI Implementation the Pipelined Memory

    M. Katevenis, P. Vatsolaki, A. Efthymiou: "Pipelined Memory Shared Buffer for VLSI Switches", Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM '95 Conference, Cambridge, MA USA, 30 August - 1 Sep. 1995, pp. 39-48; http://archvlsi.ics.forth.gr/sw_arch/pipeMem.html . FORTH, Crete, Greece (1994): USA patent number 5,774,653 of 30 June 1998.

    2.4.3   Discussion

    Multiplexing the Switch Ports onto a single Memory Port

    High-Throughput Buffer: Interleaved Memory

    There is a Crossbar inside every Switch

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