HY- 436 - Software Defined Networks (SDN), Autumn 2020


Instructor: Asst. Prof. Xenofontas Dimitropoulos, INSPIRE Group


Teaching Assistants:

Manos Lakiotakis (FORTH-ICS, TNL)
Antonis Hatzivasileiou (FORTH-ICS, TNL)
Vasilis Petropoulos (FORTH-ICS, TNL)

Guest Lecturers:

George Nomikos (FORTH-ICS, TNL)
Dr. Vasileios Kotronis (FORTH-ICS, TNL)
Lefteris Manassakis (FORTH-ICS, TNL)

    Lectures: Tue 14:00 - 16:00, Microsoft TEAMS

    Exercises: Thu 14:00 - 16:00, Microsoft TEAMS

    Email: hy436 [at] csd.uoc.gr

    Moodle link: here

    Lectures playlist: here


Learning Objectives:

Course Logistics

The course will cover SDN principles; OpenFlow; SDN controllers; network virtualisation; software-defined radio; SDN security; and SDN research topics. A detailed schedule can be found here. The students will prepare 4 programming assignments on which their grading will be based (there will be no final exam or midterm). In addition, there will be guest lectures on selected research topics from experts in the area.

What is SDN?

Computer networks have a control plane (tracking the topology, computing routes and updating forwarding tables etc.) and a data plane (forwarding, buffering, filtering, marking packets etc.). The interface between the control and the data plane is traditionally closed, within the internals of proprietary routers and switches. Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a new rapidly emerging computer networking paradigm that separates the control from the data plane and introduces an open interface between a centralized network controller and the data plane. By opening up the interface between the control and the data plane, it becomes easier to programmatically control networks and network innovation is accelerated. SDN has revolutionalized computer networking as it improves network manageability and enables new applications, like network virtualization, especially in data center networks. It has been listed by the 2009 MIT Technology Review in the top-10 emerging technologies and it is already adopted by many major players like Google, Cisco and Juniper.

What is SDN? ... by an industry player:

Prerequisites: HY-335

Remote Lectures

Attention: Lectures and exercise sessions will take place remotely using Microsoft TEAMS using the following link. Click here for more details about Microsoft TEAMS.


There will be no final exam or midterm. Students will be orally tested on the assignments. The final grade is calculated as follows:

Course Policies:

Assignment guidelines:

The steps outlined above will result in copying your askN folder into the account used by the HY-436 course. Each student's submission is associated with his/her login ID, and is assigned a time-stamp using the system's clock. You may also consult these directions .