Network Technology & Programming (2024)
Hands-on experience. In-depth comprehension.


Breaking News: 4th assignment is online, due date: 17/05/2024.

Course Description

CS-435 is a 4-credit advanced-undergrad/grad course. It is aimed at familiarizing the students with current and upcoming networking technologies, acting as an extension of the core "CS-335: Networking Systems" course. The lectures go deeper into key networking issues ranging from IP subnetting, socket programming, to network monitoring, MPLS and 802.11 QoS, while the laboratory assignments have the following purposes:
 demonstrate some of the most salient networking problems as they emerge in a real networking laboratory
 provide hands-on experience with state-of-the art networking equipment
 train the students at solving realistic problems 

The Rules of the Game
 Final Exam
 Four or five (4-5) Lab Assignments
 Midterm Exam (Optional)
 Course Attendance

The final grade is calculated as follows:
60% Assignments
30% Final Exam
10% Class Attendance
20% Midterm Exam (If > than final)

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