Patient Browser: A web-based application for storing, searching and visualizing medical data, in order to assist and support medical professionals in the diagnosis, therapy and follow up of musculoskeletal diseases (MSD) and related disorders


The developed application is a first attempt towards a web-based Computer Aided Diagnosis (CAD) system. It has the following basic functionalities: a) Uploading patient studies (MRI exams, image segmentations, 3D models etc.) exported from other software like RheumaSCORE, b) browsing and visualizing the results of these patient studies, c) displaying diagnostic measurements and comparisons between them, d) searching and downloading patient studies, e) system administration and user management.
For the visualization of medical data i.e. 3D models and 2D images from MRI exams, the XTK WebGL Javascript framework was used.

ZK Case Study, DOI: 10.13140//2.1.2139.0723