A database of segmented MRI images of the wrist and the hand in patients with rheumatic diseases


This paper is concerned with the ideation, organization and distribution of a database of segmented MRI images - and associated clinical parameters - of the wrist and the hand in patients affected by a variety of the most frequent rheumatic diseases. The final goal is empowering future biomedical research thanks to the completeness of details and cases. MRI Images were analyzed by means of the software RheumaSCORE (Softeco Sismat Srl), which performs semi-automatic segmentation of the bones, returns the volume of bones and erosions, as well as their tri-dimensional reconstruction. In order to favor its exploitation, the database of segmented images, along with many relevant clinical anthropometric parameters, are available online through the Patient Browser platform (Softeco Sismat Srl). Moreover, the original images and their clinical parameters are accessible online through the dedicated DICOM viewer QuantaView (CAMELOT Biomedical Systems Srl).

In ICIAP 2015: New Trends in Image Analysis and Processing, DOI: 10.1007//978-3-319-23222-5_18