CS-534: Packet Switch Architecture
Spring 2005
Department of Computer Science
© copyright: University of Crete, Greece


-   Under Continuous Updating   -

1a. General Textbooks, Overviews, Surveys

1b. Network Traffic Characterization, Benchmarking:

1c. Background Knowledge on how Switches & Routers are being Used

2. Input and Output Queueing Performance Analysis

Output Queueing Family: the Knockout Switch:

3. Off-Line Crossbar Scheduling:

4. On-Line Crossbar Scheduling:

5. Speedup Required to Emulate Output Queueing:

6. Switching Fabric Topologies

7. Bufferless, Self-Routing Fabrics and Deflection Routing

8. Buffered Switching Fabrics with Internal Backpressure:

9. Switching Fabrics with Inverse Multiplexing, Packet Resequencing:

10. Packet-Dropping Flow Control: Buffer Management

11. Weighted Round-Robin Scheduling

12. Wormhole IP over ATM

M. Katevenis, Iakovos Mavroidis, G. Sapountzis, E. Kalyvianaki, Ioannis Mavroidis, G. Glykopoulos: "Wormhole IP over (Connectionless) ATM", IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, to be published (expected: Oct. 2001); preprint available on-line through http://archvlsi.ics.forth.gr/wormholeIP.

13. Routing Table Lookup, Flow Classification

14. Network Processors

FPGA + Embedded Core Technologies:

15a. Commercial Switch Fabric Chipsets

15b. Cluster, System, and smaller Area Networks

16. Optical Switching

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