HY-533: Introduction to Research on Computer Networks


Instructor: Asst. Prof. Xenofontas Dimitropoulos, INSPIRE Group


Teaching Assistants:

Antonis Hatzivasileiou (FORTH-ICS, TNL)

Lectures: Tuesday & Thursday 14:00-16:00, H.206 Classroom

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Course Information

The goal of HY533 is to introduce students to research in the area of computer networks, with an emphasis on topics related to Internet measurements, network security, Internet routing, etc. This is a seminar course in which students will have to read and present recent scientific papers from conferences like ACM SIGCOMM, ACM Internet Measurement Conference, ACM CoNEXT, etc. The course will also train students on the necessary skills for conducting research and in particular on how to give effective presentations, how to write scientific papers, and how to work effectively in teams. A significant part of the course is its project, which focuses on reproducing a research result from a past research paper.

Course Credits: 6 ECTS

Prerequisites: HY-335

Course Policies:


Assignment guidelines:

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