HY- 533 : Security, Privacy and Intelligence on the Internet


Instructor: Asst. Prof. Xenofontas Dimitropoulos, INSPIRE Group


Teaching Assistants:

Eva Papadogiannaki (FORTH-ICS, DCS)
Petros Gigis (FORTH-ICS, TNL)


Lefteris Manassakis (Research Engineer, FORTH-ICS, TNL)
Petroula Karagianni (FORTH-ICS, TNL)

Lectures: Tuesday & Thursday 10:00-12:00, H.206

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Contact details:

Xenofontas Dimitropoulos: xd [AT] csd [DOT] uoc [DOT] gr
Petroula Karagianni: petroula [AT] ics [DOT] forth [DOT] gr
Lefteris Manassakis: leftman [AT] ics [DOT] forth [DOT] gr


Course Information

HY-533 is a seminar course in the area of ​​Computer Networks, which will focus on Security issues, Privacy, and Intelligence on the Internet. It will cover security issues faced by Internet Service Providers , ie large networks such as those of OTE and FORTHNET in Greece, of Deutsche Telekom in Europe, and AT & T worldwide. Also, the course will focus on modern research (and industrial) trends to address such problems by using Software Defined Network (SDN) technologies that make computer networks "Smarter". Additionally, the course will cover research trends related to data Transparency of Internet users (this concerns the data transparency both of the end-user as well as of entire companies / networks).

Another aim of the course is to introduce students to modern techniques for the cultivation of innovative thinking and research, with the ultimate objective of linking research, innovation and entrepreneurship. For this purpose, design thinking methodology will be used. Students will apply the methodology through working in teams in a challenge that will be relative to the course’s literature. A mentor will be assigned to every team in order to advise students.

Finally, the course’s objective is that students are able to work together in teams and communicate effectively , both in writing and orally.

For this purpose, there will be 3-4 lectures on the topics:

Course Credits: 6 ECTS

Prerequisites: HY-335

What is Design Thinking?

Course Policies:


Assignment guidelines:

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