Instructor : Maria Papadopouli

About the course :

CS439 is an undergraduate advanced course on wireless networks and mobile computing. It introduces the fundamental concepts of wireless networks, radio propagation, and physical layer. It includes an extensive discussion on the MAC layer, IEEE802.11, location-sensing systems, sensor networks, routing protocols for ad hoc networking, data dissemination and access paradigms/architectures, and network monitoring. It also covers specialized topics such as quality of experience of real-time services, crowd-sourcing/sensing and recommendation systems. Finally, the course introduces the LTE, Internet of Things, MIMOs, cognitive radio technology, and spectrum markets.

A distinct important aspect of the course is its statistical analysis and machine-learning techniques for analyzing measurements and modeling. Specifically it includes lectures and labs on hypothesis testing, correlation, linear regression, clustering, feature extraction, and deep-learning.

The course also includes theoretical and programming/development projects that will enable students to experiment with the wireless networks and mobile computing.