Submission Instructions for the Theoretical Exercises

You must submit the theoretical exercises to the responsible TA who will be at the graduate students' office at the basement of the white building on the day and time of the assignment due deadline 13:00pm - 14:00pm. The students are not allowed to submit their exercises by leaving them in any boxes at the Grad Student Lab (even if the boxes are marked with information relevant to the corresponding assignment of the lesson). If the responsible TA is not in the Grad Students' Lab, students must report it to the mailing list and await further instructions from the TAs of the professor.

Submissions after 14:00pm will be considered late. Students can submit their assignments before the deadline to the professor or the TAs.

In case of submission after the assignment's deadline, students can submit only by using the turnin program. In this case the assignment solutions have to be scanned in clear and easily readable quality. Moreover the deliverable must be in PDF format (one file per student per set of exercises) and must contain your details (name, surname, student number, login). For the creation of PDF files there are various free programs like pdfcreator (pdfforge) for windows or convert (ImageMagick) and pdftk for linux users. As an alternative, the exercise solutions could be imported into a Microsoft / Open Office Document which can then be exported to PDF.

Submission Details

The project can be submitted only electronically. Theoretical exercises can be submitted either electronically using the turnin program or in hard copy to the professor or to the teaching assistants on the designated office hours on the deadline sumission day. The name of the deliverable for each of the four sets of exercises is assignment<number> where <number> is the serial number of each exercise. The name of the deliverable to each of the two phases of programming tasks is project<number> where <number> is the number of each phase. Submit the exercises to the account of the course hy240a. Below you can find the commands that shall be used to submit each one of the four sets of theoretical exercises:

  • turnin assignment1@hy240b <dir>
  • turnin assignment2@hy240b <dir>
  • turnin assignment3@hy240b <dir>
  • turnin assignment4@hy240b <dir>

Below you can find the commands that shall be used to submit each one of the two parts of the project:

  • turnin project1@hy240b <dir>
  • turnin project2@hy240b <dir>

where <dir> is the folder that contains all the deliverable files. The turnin program does not recognize compressed files and as a result the files for delivery shall not be binary / compressed / gzipped. More information about the turnin program can be found here.

In order for the TAs to be able to organize the oral exams of the project phases and assign the corresponding number of examination time slots, students must submit their solutions to the project at least once before the project advertised due date even if they intend to re-submit them in the next days (during which the penalty applies - see FAQ). The grading will be based on the last set of submission files.

Submission Instructions

  • Connect through ssh to a linux machine at the computer science department. Instructions can be found here .
  • Create a folder inside your homedir(e.g. mkdir myask1) for each assignment that you want to submit. Do not use filenames that contain spaces. You should put all the files that you want to submit inside the respective folder of each assignment.
  • Execute the following command from the next folder up the folder hierarchy: turnin assignment<number>@hy240b <dir> where <number> is the number of the assignment and <dir> is the name of the folder that contains the files that you want to submit (e.g. if your folder is called myask1 for the 1st assignment, you must execute the command:
    turnin assignment1@hy240b myask1

    kazepis@neratzi <~>turnin assignment1@hy240b askisi1.pdf
    *************** README **************
    | .:: CS240b - Assignment 1 ::.                       |
    | Due: 30 Oct. 2013 @ 13:00pm                         |
    | Parakalw xrhsimopoihste tis odhgies upovolhs        |
    | askhsewn pou tha vreite sth dieuthunsh:             |
    |    |
    | Please use the submit intructions                   |
    | located at the web location:                        |
    | |

    *** Do you want to continue?  y 

    These are the regular files being submitted:

    Last Modified          Size      Filename
    --------------         ------    -------------------------
    1: 12/10/2013 16:05    128       askisi1.pdf


    You are about to submit 1 files [128KB] for assignment1 to hy240b

    *** Do you want to continue?  y 

    *** SUBMIT OF assignment1 TO hy240b COMPLETE! ***
    kazepis@neratzi <~>
  • In case you get the error message: "Command not found" execute the command using the full path to the turnin program: /usr/local/bin/turnin . The turnin program compresses the student's files into a single file named after the username of the student that executes the turnin command. (username.tar.gz)

The exact submission time stamp (system clock) is logged every time you execute the turnin program and the submission file is assiciated with the username of the student that executed the submission.

How to check if you have successfully submitted your assignment

You can check if you have successfully submitted your assignment by issuing the following command:

ls -l ~hy240b/TURNIN/assignment<number>

where number is the number of the assignment (e.g. ls -l ~hy240b/TURNIN/assignment1 for the 1st assignment). If you see your username in the list that will be printed on the screen then you can be sure that you have successfully submitted your assignment. Otherwise you should try and execute again the submission commands. If the list is too big you can type in the following command instead:

ls -l ~hy240b/TURNIN/assignment<number> | grep `whoami`

(attention on the reverse apostrophe marks `), or

ls -l ~hy240b/TURNIN/assignment<number> | grep <your_username>

which will filter the list, showing only your submission, provided that you have made a successful one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I submit late assignments;
Each assignment must be turned in before the respective due date and time in order to be subject to be marked with full marks. Nevertheless you can submit an assignment for the next three days past the deadline, having as a penalty half mark (out of ten) for each late day. Exceptionally good assignments may be marked with a grade greater than 10.

2. Can I re-submit an already submitted exercise;
You can execute the turnin commands any number of times for each assignment (inside the aforementioned deadlines). The system stores all your submissions with the respective numbering. Your grading will be performed based on the files you submitted the last time you executed the submit commands.

3. Can I submit seperately the different sub-questions of an exercise;
No, all your answers to all the assignment's questions must be present inside the folder of the assignment when you execute the submit commands.