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Multimedia Informatics Lab

The Multimedia Informatics Lab organizes all activities of the Department of Computer Science that are related to research and technological development in the knowledge area of Multimedia, which includes the organization of the complete educational part.
Areas of research activity of the laboratory are the following:

Speech Processing: sound and voice synthesis; voice conversion; speech enhancement; compression and coding for transmission; voice pathology
Multimedia databases: content analysis for meta data extraction; content description; reconstruction; recognition, indexing and retrieval of multimedia content.
Interaction with remote users and immersion into virtual environments: ways of interaction, transmission and synchronization aspects, creation of realistic optical-acoustical environments, customization to user choices and abilities
Multimedia applications: video conferencing; video communication; digital interactive television; three-dimension virtual display; visualization of medical data; electronic gaming; storing of cultural heritage; digital technology in fine arts; development of adequate user interfaces
Audio Signal Processing: spatial audio rendering; multichannel audio modelling; music information retrieval