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Andre Holzapfel

Phone: (0030) 2810 393519
Email: hannover at csd dot uoc dot gr


The datasets used in my publications are provided to interested researchers. On request, a guest account to a repository will be provided, so that the desired data can be downloaded. The following datasets have been compiled in our laboratory:

Singer Recognition

The dataset that has been used in our Paper about singer recognition contains a collection of 21 different singers. The music contained in this collection can be considered very similar, as it all belongs to the Genre of greek Rebetiko music. Thus, the recordings are characterized by similar instrumental timbres and similar song structures. Furthermore there are many old recordings contained, that have been digitized from old grammophone records. You can listen here to a sample of a female singer and of a male singer.

Rhythm Similarity

The dataset that has been used in our Paper about measuring rhythmic similarity contains a collection of 6 different dance styles. These dances are traditional forms of music commonly encountered in the island of Crete. For each dance 15 or 16 song excerpts have been collected. The instruments are usually the string instruments Cretan Leira and Cretan Laouto. Listen to examples of the dance Maleviziotis and Pentozalis.

Beat Tracking

The dataset that has been used in our Paper for beat tracking using phase slope based onset detection. The music in the dataset is of the same style as the music in the rhythm similarity dataset. There are 20 excerpts of thirty seconds length, along with text files that give the beat times in seconds. These beat times have been determined by myself, so interested users of this set are invited to send further annotations. Listen to an example of a Cretan Syrtos dance with beat annotation: Syrtos.

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