Change detection demonstration

The detection of the moving objects is based on the temporal change of the image luminance. Two particular cases are distinguished concerning the background: a reference to the whole background is available, or not. If this reference exists two modules are needed: change detection between the current and the reference frames, and update of the reference frame. If the reference frame is not available, the change detection is performed between the current and the previous frames.

Two approaches are considered:

Markov random field model
The original sequence is the MPEG-4 Hall Monitor test sequence, with low spatial details and low amount of movement. The moving persons are given in the foreground layers sequence.
For further information please see the following publication:
N. Paragios and G. Tziritas, Detection and location of moving objects using deterministic relaxation algorithms, Intern. Conf. on Pattern Recognition, Vol. I, pp. 201-205, Austria, 1996.

Level set
Highway sequence
Trevor White sequence
Hall monitor sequence

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