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Welcome !!!

  • This is a personal site where you can find information about me, my interests and my research.

  • I am a postDoc student on the project Hierarchical Stochastic Algorithms for Materials Engineering at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (MATH) of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (UMASS).

  • The subject of the thesis is to develop Monte Carlo algorithms for the simulation of pattern formation in nanomaterials. The goal is to simulate physically-realistic spatiotemporal scales using coarce-grained models, stochastic PDEs and othem model reduction methods.

  • Research interests: Signal Processing, Speech Processing, Pattern Recognition/Classification, Estimation Theory, Inverse Problems, Probability Theory, Monte Carlo Simulations, Stochastic Modeling.

  • General interests: Football, Tenis, Hung-Gar Kung Fu, Gambling, Stocks, Reading Naruto.

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