Instructor : Maria Papadopouli

About the course :

CS439 is an undergraduate course on wireless networks and mobile computing. It introduces the fundamental concepts of wireless networks, radio propagation, and physical layer. It includes an extensive discussion on the MAC layer, IEEE802.11, location-sensing systems, wireless technologies (e.g., IEEE802.11, WiMAX, Bluetooth, RF tags, Wii), various data dissemination and access paradigms/architectures (e.g., infostation, mesh networks, mobile peer-to-peer) and wireless networks (e.g., ad hoc, mesh, sensor, infrastructure networks), routing in wireless networks, monitoring of wireless networks, statistical analysis and modeling of wireless measurements, analysis and modeling of the quality of experience, crowd-sourcing/sensing systems, recommendation systems and mobile applications. Finally, the course introduces LTE, cognitive radio technology, and pectrum markets.

The course also includes theoretical and programming/development projects that will enable students to experiment with the wireless networks and mobile computing.