Assistive Lectures

Under Construction...
Date Subject TA
10.02.2017 Lecture Professor
17.02.2017 Lecture Professor
22.02.2017 Assistive Class(Preperation for 1st set) Kokolaki Anna
24.02.2017 C Programming Barka Alexandra
03.03.2017 Assistive Class(Preperation for 2nd set) Athanasiadis Marios
10.03.2017 Preparation of project's 1st part Papaioannou Antonis & Professor
17.03.2017 Exercises Solutions (1st set) Kokolaki Anna
24.03.2017 Exercises Solutions (2nd set) Athanasiadis Marios
31.03.2017 Assistive Class(Preperation for 3rd set) Porfyrakis Manos
27-28.04.2017 Examination of project's 1st part All teaching asistant
28.04.2017 Preparation of project's 2nd part Batsaras Nikos & Professor
05.05.2017 Exercises Solutions (3nd set) Porfyrakis Manos
19.05.2017 Assistive Class(Preperation for 4th set) Loukakis Mixalis
26-27.05.2017 Examination of project's 2nd part All teaching asistant
02.06.2017 Exercises Solutions (4th set) Loukakis Mixalis

The rest assistive lectures will be covered by the professor or the TAs if considered necessary.

Exercise Submission

The responsible TA for a set of assignments must be on Monday (Submission Day) at the graduate students' office (Grad Students' Lab at Voutes Campus) in order to receive the assignments from the students. The submission time is 13:00-14:00. Each of the TA's should arrive at the offices at least 15 minutes earlier than 13:00 and leave 15 minutes after 14:00.

The students are not allowed to submit their exercises by leaving them in any boxes at the Grad Student Lab (even if the boxes are marked with information relevant to the corresponding assignment of the lesson). If there is no TA at the specified day and time at the graduate students' office please report it to the course's mailing list and await further instructions from the professor of the TAs.

TAs resposible for office hours

Office hours are planned for Monday at 13:00 only after email appointment. The exact time and duration will be based on the number of students that need help.

Date TA
17/02/2017 Kokolaki Anna
24/02/2017 Kokolaki Anna
03/03/2017 Athanasiadis Marios
10/03/2017 Athanasiadis Marios
17/03/2017 Papaioannou Antonis
24/03/2017 Papaioannou Antonis & Kokolaki Anna (return the 1st set)
31/03/2017 Papaioannou Antonios & Kokolaki Anna (return the 1st set)
07/04/2017 Porfyrakis Manos & Athanasiadis Marios (return the 2nd set)
28/04/2017 Batsaras Nikos & Athanasiadis Marios (return the 2nd set)
05/05/2017 Batsaras Nikos & Athanasiadis Marios (return the 2nd set)
12/05/2017 Batsaras Nikos
19/05/2017 Loukakis Mixalis & Porfyrakis Manos (return the 3rd set)
26/05/2017 Loukakis Mixalis & Porfyrakis Manos (return the 3rd set)
02/06/2017 All teaching assistant & Loukakis Mixalis (return the 4th set)
09/06/2017 All teaching assistant & Loukakis Mixalis (return the 4th set)
16/06/2017 Loukakis Mixalis (return the 4th set)

TAs responsible for the Exercises and Project

Theoretical Exc. TA Due Date Sceduled Correction Date
1ο set Kokolaki Anna 28/02/2017 20/03/2017
2ο set Athanasiadis Marios 13/03/2017 07/04/2017
3ο set Porfyrakis Manos 24/04/2017 15/05/2017
4ο set Loukakis Marios 29/05/2017 07/06/2017

Project TA Due Date Rendezvous Due Date Exam Date
1st part Papaioannou Antonis 03/04/2017 24/04/2017 27-28/04/2017
2nd part Batsaras Nikos 15/05/2017 24/05/2017 26-27/05/2017