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I am Iraklis Diakos or (greek) Ηρακλής Διάκος, a graduate from University Of Crete (UoC) where I received my B.Sc. diploma in Computer Science (CSD). Currently, I am enrolled in the M.Sc. curriculum of the aforementioned department and I have just begun conducting my Master's research. My interests lie in the area of local/remote databases, distributed systems, scalable networks and elastic and/or fault-tolerant software. I am also greatly interested in Web Service platforms & architecture or infrastructure (see: Amazon: WS Platform Architecture) including, but not limited to, XML, XPath & XQuery technologies or other Web related technologies (i.e. JSF, Servlet, Java EE technologies). My dissertation thesis, Evaluation of Top-K Queries in P2P networking systems, involved a prototype implementation of HT* and HT+** algorithms by conducting real-world experiments in the PlanetLab network using various data distribution sets so as to evaluate the response time, latency and effects of distributed Top-K queries in a (un)reliable decentralized network. [View CV]

*HT stands for Hybrid Threshold.
**HT+ stands for Hybrid Threshold Plus.

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Iraklis Diakos - M.Sc. student
University Of Crete
Computer Science Dpt.
ICS - Forth Institute
Herakleion, Crete, Greece

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