QBluetoothZero  2.0
QBtSingleDeviceSelectorUI Class Reference

#include <QBtSingleDeviceSelectorUI.h>

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Public Slots

void show ()


void discoveryCompleted (const QBtDevice &selectedDevice)
void discoveryStarted ()
void userCanceled ()

Public Member Functions

 QBtSingleDeviceSelectorUI (QWidget *parent=0)
 ~QBtSingleDeviceSelectorUI ()


class QBtSingleDeviceSelectorUIPrivate

Detailed Description

This class provides UI for searching remote bluetooth devices, displaying them and selecting one device.

When a device is selected, the UI is closed and the device instance is returned through discoveryCompleted() signal. (NOTE: when closed it is not destroyed, just hiden)

To use, create an instance of the class and call show(). When shown, discovery starts as well.

To get the selected remote device, the discoveryCompleted() signal must be handled.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QBtSingleDeviceSelectorUI::QBtSingleDeviceSelectorUI ( QWidget *  parent = 0)

If parent == 0, the list will be showed as an independent widget on the screen, thus it's not necessary for the client application to have a GUI interface.

For Symbian, it uses the native bluetooth search dialog. In this case, the "parent" parameter has no effect.

QBtSingleDeviceSelectorUI::~QBtSingleDeviceSelectorUI ( )


Member Function Documentation

void QBtSingleDeviceSelectorUI::discoveryCompleted ( const QBtDevice selectedDevice) [signal]

Emitted after device discovery stops and user selects the desired device.

void QBtSingleDeviceSelectorUI::discoveryStarted ( ) [signal]

Emitted after calling show() if and only if the device discovery starts successfully

void QBtSingleDeviceSelectorUI::show ( ) [slot]

On show, the device discovery starts.

void QBtSingleDeviceSelectorUI::userCanceled ( ) [signal]

Emitted when the user closes the UI without choosing any device.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class QBtSingleDeviceSelectorUIPrivate [friend]

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