QBluetoothZero  2.0
QBtAddress Class Reference

#include <QBtAddress.h>

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Public Member Functions

 QBtAddress ()
 QBtAddress (const QBtAddress &other)
 QBtAddress (const QByteArray &byteArray)
 QBtAddress (const QString &addr)
 ~QBtAddress ()
bool isValid () const
QString toString () const
QByteArray toByteArray () const
QByteArray toReversedByteArray () const
QBtAddressoperator= (const QBtAddress &other)
bool operator!= (const QBtAddress &other)
bool operator== (const QBtAddress &other)
bool operator< (const QBtAddress &other)

Static Public Member Functions

static QBtAddressgetAddressFromReversedArray (const QByteArray &reversedArray)


QString _address

Detailed Description

Class that represents the device's bluetooth _address. It is one of the main fields of QBtDevice.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QBtAddress::QBtAddress ( )

QBtAddress() Default constructor.

QBtAddress::QBtAddress ( const QBtAddress other)

QBtAddress() Copy constructor

QBtAddress::QBtAddress ( const QByteArray &  byteArray)
QBtAddress::QBtAddress ( const QString &  addr)
QBtAddress::~QBtAddress ( )

Member Function Documentation

static QBtAddress& QBtAddress::getAddressFromReversedArray ( const QByteArray &  reversedArray) [static]

Mainly created because on windows bluesoleil sdk, bluetooth _address byte array is reversed so it is usefull to provide this functionality here

bool QBtAddress::isValid ( ) const
true if the _address contained in this instance is a valid bluetooth _address
bool QBtAddress::operator!= ( const QBtAddress other)
bool QBtAddress::operator< ( const QBtAddress other)
QBtAddress& QBtAddress::operator= ( const QBtAddress other)
bool QBtAddress::operator== ( const QBtAddress other)
QByteArray QBtAddress::toByteArray ( ) const

Returns a 6-byte array representation of the bluetooth _address

QByteArray QBtAddress::toReversedByteArray ( ) const

Returns a 6-byte array representation of the bluetooth _address in reversed order. Mainly created for convenience when using windows bluesoleil SDK.

QString QBtAddress::toString ( ) const

Returns a string representation of this bluetooth _address

Property Documentation

QString QBtAddress::_address [read]

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